Each animal has a story of challenge and victory
getting second chances and inspiring people. 

   The Animals of Compassion Ranch (PDF) 

Each animal needs food and care, shelter and space, purpose and love. Volunteers, donors, staff, and people visiting in person and online drive the Compassion Ranch program to care for animals and inspire more care from people.

Compassion Ranch is one of three key nonprofit programs of 501 c3 nonprofit Life Leaders Institute. The other programs–Plan for Life and Patriotism in Action–complement by helping people write plans for school and 7 areas of life, including how to develop and live with desired character traits and personal leadership habits. Patriotism in Action leads on history and character education associated with starting America’s Veterans Day in Alabama, plus leads the Pledge of Allegiance for events at the ranch, often supported by horses who bow.

Student development improvement is key to improving animal care, first by stopping abuse and abandonment. Former children and students become adults, and some abandon animals.

Online and in person, we can influence future animal care givers. You can have impact with us.

Join us or learn more: Dr. David Dyson

Donate to support animals. Support feeding of an animal or group each month. Sponsor a program for students. Host your own party with purpose beyond just fun for kids. Share your bucket list goal or idea–we may do it together.



Animals of Compassion ranch:


Name, breed 7 year born (known or guess), year came home:

1. Star aka Star of the Bar, Quarter Horse: 2003, sold at auction, needed permanent home. DDD 2007
2. Patriot aka American Patriot aka Anakus Flynn, Morgan: 2001, elderly owner wanted good home for him. DDD 2007
3. Indy aka Indian Legend, Paint: 2008, born to mare rescued from “kill pen”, not wanted at birth. DDD 2008
4. Cody: 2000, previous farm owners Francis and Jean Bryant died. DDD boarded 2017.
5. Princess aka Katie: 2010, boarded Steve & Pam Bryant 2017.
6. Scarlett Baye: 2010, rescue from starvation by Two by Two, foster care Parmley, to Triple D 2019
7. Crockett (Davy Crockett): 1996, owner died, needed lifetime home, sponsored by Terry Slaughter 2020
8. Lex aka Caspian: 2010, rescued from starvation by Deputy Sheriff, Two by Two, DDD 2020
9. Lou aka Twister: 2014, rescued from starvation by Sheriff, Two by Two, DDD 2020
10. Spirit: 2017, neglected without winter hay, rescue Triple D with Karen Stone 2019
11. Storm: 2018, neglected without winter hay, rescue Triple D with Karen Stone 2019


12. July (Janis-July): 1997, infected hooves not trimmed in 5 years, rescue by Two by Two & Triple D 2020


13. June aka Granny: 1995, owner died, needed food DDD 2010
14. Jill: 2010, rescued after owner died, DDD 2010
15. Honk: 1995, previous farm owners Francis and Jean Bryant died, Steve Bryant boarded 2017 


16. Cowgirl: Australian Shepherd/Border Collie, 2014, abandoned/rescued 2015 DDD
17. Lady Bug: Jack Russell/Feist, circa 2010, abandoned/rescued/fostered 2015 DDD
18. Chief: Shepherd, 2018, abandoned, rescued 2018 DDD
19. Annie aka Annie Oakley: Shepherd, 2018, homeless after owners arrested 2019, rescued 2/2020 DDD
20. Rambo: Husky/American Bull Dog, 2018, tied to tree in woods 3 days without food or water, rescued 2020 DDD
21. Cowboy: Husky/Australian Shepherd, 2018, rescued 2020


22. Night aka Mama Cat: 2010, feral, rescued 2010 DDD
23. Bella
24. Tux
25. Panther
26. Midnight
27. Diamond aka Spike
28. Angel
29. Barney (feed and provide shelter in the barn) 2020
30. Feeding feral cat at North Pasture Shelter
31. Stormy Magic 2021
32. Tabitha Socks  2021


33. Billy Pygmy: pygmy goat, 2019; surrendered  2021


34. Goat companion for Billy to help with eating vines to be rescued, surrendered, or donated.
35. Cat in the Horse Barn. 
36. Cat #2 in the Horse Barn.


after more budget for fenced paddocks, shelters, food-care

36. Horse in the North Pasture
37. Cat #2 at the North Pasture shelter (need fenced catio/door).

Rest in Peace

Cocoa: Quarter horse, 35 years old from Bryant Family

Buck: Pyrenees/Retriever dog rescued from animal shelter

Starcat: cat rescued in Jemison


“The godly care for their animals,
    but the wicked are always cruel.”


Proverbs 12:10