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Together, we can improve life for animals and people.







Mailing address:

Compassion Ranch
Attn: Dr. David Dyson
354 County Road 33
Calera, Alabama 35040

Central Alabama. North Chilton County near Highway 31 and I-65 within 5-7 miles of Calera, Jemison, and Montevallo, 3 miles from Highway 31 near Highway 155.

Someone is here 24/7 though host by appointment because the front gate stays closed most of the time to protect animals until we have guests. Dogs play and rest out in the front corral. Horses come in to graze the grass. Plus, we could be working on a project so appointments help us make sure we are ready for you.

We host guests most Saturdays and often on other days. We usually in the office 7-noon and work outside afternoons. Tell us what works for you. We can send directions, which may prove better than GPS.