You can honor or remember loved ones when you donate to help animals and develop people.
You can have impact on animals and people by sharing your time or treasure.

If you value animals getting second chances with compassionate care
students learning to care more and abandon less,
you can have impact on this and future generations.

you can DONATE SECURELY USING YOUR BANK CARD for Animals of Compassion Ranch
or other programs by Life Leaders Institute & Ranch (personal leadership, patriotism).

You can sponsor an animal or group monthly, give where the need is greatest, partner for leadership, or choose any of these callings:

  1. Food for horses, ponies, donkeys, dogs, cats, goats–sponsor monthly or donate as you wish via PayPal or shop at Tractor Supply, WalMart….
  2. Programs to help students experience & education to develop character traits courage, compassion, patriotism…supporting teachers & parents.
  3. Speaker or teacher for schools, civic clubs, patriotic organizations or provide resources to their schools, teachers and speakers….
  4. Free online materials for teaching character traits–Alabama mandated to teach 25 character traits over 25 years ago
  5. Help caregivers with emergency food and/or fencing to get dogs off chains and/or feed rescues or feral dogs and cats.
  6. Services to other nonprofits, such as donate food and fencing, host their volunteers for training, events, distribution of food and supplies.
  7. Rescue work with law enforcement for animal cruelty and public safety plus advocacy for improved laws and education.


see the Wish lists page with links and more about the needs of the animals and Ranch

Request a copy of The Animals of Compassion Ranch Book (animals, programs, Partners) sent via email

arrange a visit to meet the animals and/or discuss how you could help and benefit

Join the private email list to receive actions, progress, plan news

Doc at

postal Mailing address:

animals of Compassion Ranch
Attn: Dr. David Dyson
354 County Road 33
Calera, Alabama 35040  USA

Triple D Ranch & Farm  donates use of the land and shelters plus lots of labor for the animals.

Thanks to the Roman Street Band for supporting Compassion Ranch










“Thanks for all you do for our furry four-legged friends.”

Martha and Randy Davis (Daphne, Alabama)


Our summary story as a nonprofit:
1988: Dr. David Dyson began private practice with professional services to nonprofits, coaching clients, public corporations (after graduating doctoral studies)
1992: The Personal Leadership Association was founded giving seminars and services to the public (Plan for Life, Personal Leadership…)
2001: After the September 11 attacks on America, the nonprofit added Patriotism in Action and changed the registered name to Life Leaders America.
2012: Applied for 501 c3 status to receive charitable donations to expand work, including the campaign to the US Senate for Alabama’s Veterans Day history.
2017: Moved to a farm & ranch in Central Alabama, expanded care of animals & teaching character traits, soon launching Compassion Ranch.
2020: Provided sanctuary for horses rescued by the Sheriff’s Department and nonprofits, started gaining donations from partners to pay for food and shelter.