caring for animals
helping students and adults develop character traits courage, compassion, cooperation…

You can help provide compassionate care to animals and teach character traits like courage and compassion to students so this and future generations will care more, abandon less.

      1. Food, shelter, personal and medical care…
      2. Host students, families, groups, classes giving experiences and education to develop courage, compassion, cooperation, citizenship…
      3. Public service to education, animal care givers, law enforcement, policymakers…
      4. Develop resources for teachers to help them teach character traits (mandated since 1995) and planning for college-career-character.
      5. Provide training and consulting with administrators and teachers, plus help them teach classes.

Compassion Ranch is a program of 501 (c)(3) nonprofit Life Leaders Institute hosted at Triple D Ranch and Farm in Central Alabama.

You can see or print The Animals of Compassion Ranch (incudes photos and info on Animals, Programs, People and how you can participate)


Before we started Compassion Ranch, we served people and animals: 

Life Leaders Ranch

Triple D Ranch and Farm

Our Model of Service

Our model of service combines care of animals and working on root causes of animal abuse and abandonment–character, beliefs, habits. We develop and provide educational resources useful in schools and homes plus we provide either experiences at the ranch or at the location of the group served. We care for animals who need our help and they serve purposes inspiring people and  working around the farm.

Most animal welfare service groups are rescues or shelters, who find forever homes for animals rescued or surrendered. We support them. We have done that work. Our model focuses on serving as a sanctuary and education center to give animals second chances and to involve them in programs of service to people. The goal is for most if not all of the Animals of Compassion Ranch to live here for the rest of their lives. People are able to form relationships with them by following them online, visiting to touch, groom, and interact with them, or even sponsor their boarding.

The ranch is home to 34 animals who eat 10,000 pounds of food per month. 15 of our guests are equines–horses, ponies, and donkeys. The rest, dogs, cats, goats. Wildlife is protected and they get extra food when donated.

If you desire a particular experience or set of results (learn of animals; build courage, confidence, compassion; help someone with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, or wanting to re-build trust in self and others…) let us know so we can determine if we can help.

Dr. Dyson, who leads on animal care and programs, earned a doctoral degree in education from Vanderbilt University plus completed management institutes at Harvard University and Carnegie-Mellon University. Earlier academic work included Bachelors in Business, Auburn University, and Masters in Management, Birmingham-Southern College. He has served as executive and life coach, plus corporate trainer. Purpose and plans for people and animals is a calling.

Calling for care and Character

When animals get abandoned, who does it? Almost always, former students.

Abusers often learn their behavior growing up. If dad thought it was okay to not protect the family dog with fencing and shelter or to shoot another dog because he came into the yard or to “dump” a dog because he became inconvenient, the children may repeat. Tethering dogs on chains usually is learned behavior. So is harming or killing animals for entertainment. To change, we have to show and try to inspire improved beliefs and actions.

Character starts at home and school. We can do more supporting teachers to help students learn and experience character traits that lead them to grow up more caring, ethical, and responsible. We provide experiences for parents and children, grandparents and grandchildren, and others who learn about and care for animals. People tend to treat other people about the same as they treat animals, especially when no one is looking.

We often add during visits…

  • one minute lessons of inspiration on character traits like courage, compassion, cooperation, patriotism…
  • workshops on plans for school and life such as mission and vision, goals and resolutions, or plans for school & college-career-character…
  • starting a program with the Pledge of Allegiance, sometimes with a horse bowing to the Flag.

We develop, publish, and provide resources individuals, parents, and teachers can use personally and in student development–online or printed. Tell Dr. Dyson your need for a model, concept, or tool…and we will try to help.