Wish List items needed

8 horses use the main barn and corral. In pastures, paddocks, corrals,  yards, and barns we feed 15 equines, 7 dogs, 10 cats, 2 goats.

You can buy Food and Supplies
needed for Animals directly

Partners who like to buy food and supplies directly for shipment to us or pick up can choose to shop with Tractor Supply, WalMart, Chewy, and Amazon.  You can follow links connected to the icons to see our wish lists of favorites.

Tractor Supply: has a new improving wish list program and Compassion Ranch is among the first to use one. Click the icon. They may require you to take a minute to set up your online account so they can email receipts. Designate Compassion Ranch to pick up in Montevallo. They will notify us.


WalMart: we have a new gift registry showing foods and supplies to deliver. When we shop, we go to the Calera (AL) store most often.


Chewy.com: Shop for dog and cat supplies. Click the icon. You can see priority items online, pay privately. Chewy sends us notice of donated food or supplies on their way. They keep a running total of donations so we can share results with partners if you purchase through the wish list we created.


Amazon.com: shop the gift registry for supplies more often than food. 

15 equines (horses, ponies, donkeys) eat 10,000 pounds of hay most months, especially during winter. Hay provides roughage and variety. In the photo Indy is behind two round bales of hay, which weigh about 800 pounds each.  Donations of money help us buy hay, plus food and supplies not donated, in addition to water, electricity, fuel, equipment, and more to serve the animals. You can have impact. Donate money for the mission and provide security for the animals.

More Info about Suppliers of Food and Materials

Tractor Supply

Items you can purchase online for pick up by us at the Montevallo store:

  • Horse feed: 1)Senior feed by Triple Crown, Purina, DuMor (made by Purina) 2)Purina Strategy or DuMor EquiStages 3)Alfalfa chopped (40 lb)
  • Dog food: Purina One—1) Adult Skin & Coat or Sensitive System Formula 2) canned wet food 30 / month
  • Cat food: 1) Purina One—Sensitive System Formula or Ideal Weight or similar 2) canned wet food 60 / month
  • Goat feed: 1) Purina or DuMor 2) minerals 3) probiotics  4)de-wormer
  • Pasture grass seed: 1) bermuda / bahia 2) winter rye
  • Welded wire fence rolls: 60 inches tall, 2×4 inch spaces, 100 feet
  • T-posts 6 ½ feet or 6 feet


  • Carrots for horses
  • Flea and tick spray, shampoo for dogs, wipes for cats
  • Dog and cat food
  • Refreshments for volunteers and guests: bottled water, coffee, juice, snacks, supplies


You can see pictures of products on the Wish List page and add to your cart for Chewy to ship to us:

  • Dog food: dry Purina One for adults, plus wet food…

  • Cat food: Purina One dry food fish or chicken, plus wet food…

Hay Supplier (he likes to stay private)

  • Round bales (800 pounds) picked up or transported to farm and put in pastures or stored. 3 per week. Pay for hay, transport, and handling. We seek to buy in summer straight from field so we can assure food in winter.
  • Hay freshly cut or stored under cover can be donated (horses typically eat bermuda, bahia, and mixed grasses). 

With donations, we also purchase at these stores and businesses

Marvin’s Building Supply

  • Lumber: 4×4, 2×4, 2×6 treated wood
  • Sakrete 60 pound bags
  • Equipment repairs & supplies: Stihl chain saw, pole saw, weed trimmer…

Garrison’s Farm and Home Center

  • Pasture grass seed: special blend of grasses to help us grow year round to add food security when hay suppliers have shortages (up to 500 pounds)
  • Lime natural fertilizer
  • Hay (former supplier and possible back up)

Goals & Needs plus a Few Dreams for the next level & next generation

Staffing Goals and Needs to Improve Better and Faster to Serve Another 10-20 years and prepare for future

  • Ranch hand to lead on barn stalls and horse troughs, storage hangar, pastures, wire fencing (afternoons, Saturdays, or full-time).
  • Carpenter/handy man to lead on building and repairing shelters, wood fencing, troughs, stall doors (afternoons and/or Saturdays).
  • Cleaning person 1-2 weekly to help care for farmhouse, dog/cat areas, bowls, troughs….
  • Care giver for dogs/cats to bathe, clip/groom, spray natural flea repellents, spread diatomaceous earth, grow mint, help handle during events…
  • Staff can help director do more and better at animal care, programs/services, tractor work like bush hogging, box blading, watering holes….

Construction Additions and Renovations

  • Hangar and catio for cats: almost finished. Bolt lock, litter box and supplies, ceiling fan, heaters…
  • Barn as home to 2 rescued cats: wire reinforcement of screens, 3 ceiling fans, loft door to keep cats safe when visitors are in the feed room, outside access
  • Multi purpose pen needs top wood framing and wire fencing good for dogs or goats.
  • North horse shelter needs finishing with metal roof trimming, feed room shelves, and catio for 2 rescued feral cats with pet door to feed room shelter.
  • Hangar for hay and feed storage and events: electrical work, framing, bathroom for guests helping to care for animals and land.
  • Hay pole barn and pavilion so we can buy winter hay in summer straight from the field (attached to hangar) and use for events.
  • Watering holes or small ponds in every pasture (purchase or rent tractor with backhoe and front end loader for digging and stacking hay).
  • Barn loft for events or apartment for ranch hand to live close to the animals.
  • Round pen for join up, training, and exercising horses and small groups for safe mounting, photos….
  • Chicken coop for 4-12 laying hens to feed dogs and partners farm fresh eggs (protected by guardian dogs).
  • Cabin for traveling guests above the upper pond with corral for horses.

Equipment Goals and Needs to Operate Better

(perhaps you have one of these that works well though you no longer need it and may wish to feel good donating to a nonprofit)

  • Truck to travel to events, appointments, pull horse trailer so the 2007 Ram truck can stay on the farm as workhorse (1st choice Dodge Ram 1-7 years old).
  • Horse Trailer pulled by truck for emergency transport to vet hospital, educational events, Veterans Day (intend to add branding signage on sides/rear).
  • Tractor with front end loader and forks to move hay and lumber plus backhoe for watering holes and provide dignity in death with graves.
  • Gator, Mule, or Jeep to travel places truck cannot with fencing supplies and tools plus take people on trails.
  • Riderless horse tack such as that of the Old Guard at Arlington National Cemetery for patriotic events at ranch and for National Veterans Day.
  • Generator to use for electrical tools away from the house and barn plus to use at the Farmhouse to support guests and events when electricity fails.
  • Horse drawn buggy or wagon

Volunteers Have Impact on Quality of Animal Life and the Ranch used by Animals and People

  • Horse: groom mane, tail, and coat in a corral or help walk a horse to the trail course or training corral to practice leading and ground manners while you and the horse enjoy bonding, then brush mane and tail and/or bathe (this may be on your own or with another volunteer or while Doc trims hooves…), or just sit near them and keep them company. Enjoy connecting and caring for an animal. Equine coaching can enrich life for those seeking.
  • Dogs: walk, play, brush, wash, or give TLC, enjoy. 
  • Goats: play, brush or bathe, help us improve their spaces.
  • Cats: pet, groom, help us improve or care for their spaces.
  • Labor: care for the barn and pastures…help us pick up logs, limbs, and sticks to stack firewood or to bonfire piles to use the wood and clean the pasture to grow grass. We cleared thousands of dead trees and others limiting the pastures, plus more trees have fallen during storms. Clearing the limbs will help us bush hog the tall weeds and plant grass seed to grow more sustainable pasture grass for equines.

Thanks for reading more of goals and needs!  You can donate to have impact